A Reminder to Myself – Be – YOU – Tiful

Sometimes a particular image or phrase we stumble across online affects us deeply. This is where our inner beauty will come into play.

     Inner B (aka Inner Beauty.. not inner bitch) is the most important feature in our human being. All of our actions in a day draw from that Inner B. Have you ever wondered what makes you act the way you do or who you are inside? Are we just a collection of cells made up that just happened to come together by chance? Or even a great one who has pieced us together, whom we cannot see nor touch. One’s Inner B reveals itself in many different ways. Everyone has it, but it’s our choice to summon it or not.

       I strongly believe that one cannot live without expressing their Inner B. When I was a kid growing up, everyone would throw these words around. Inner B is all you need, what’s on the inside is what matters the most. I didn’t come to matters with this phrase till .. probably last year. I’ve realized truly that although you may be a bombshell on the outside, you are nothing without being beautiful on the inside as well. Because people see right through you.

     Passion. Hope. Compassion. Happiness. Trust. Care. Friendship. All these things drive one’s Inner B. In other words.. LOVE is an expression of our Inner B. We are made in a loving nature, it’s in our DNA to love, and to be loved. I remind myself everyday…

I am made for Love.

I am made to Love.

    Both components are very important in summoning ones inner B. You need to know and simply accept the fact that you were made for love. You deserve every bit of love you get. Love is what fuels your inner B.

Now. Let’s summon that Inner B.

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