Help Change My City – Little Black Dress Gala

*Poster was created by a student at Arts Institute Vancouver

This summer I began my own freelance PR business, Help Change My City was one of my first clients. I developed a media relations plan, story pitch, and a media advisory for their Little Black Dress Gala.

About Help Change My City:
Help Change My City is building an inclusive platform for young individuals can be apart of. Partnering with career people, corporate socially responsible businesses and community volunteers, they teach personal development and skills training to at risk and marginalized youth.

Help Change My City is designed with mentorship, personal development, personal growth, leadership and skills training at its core. Their dedication is to break down the negative reputation that surrounds youth and young people who have had a difficult and troubled past. Help Change My City show the young people that they are loved, part of community and have great potential to positively impact their future and the community they live in.

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