How to utilize Pinterest

Pinterest: Simply put, a social media platform that connects people through photos. You can share, like, and pin posts that inspire you.

In order to utilize Pinterest for your business/personal use you need to first understand your audience and why people use Pinterest.

Reasons why people use Pinterest:

  1. To Relax
    I personally love using Pinterest to unwind. Many users enjoy surfing through Pinterest before bed. [Let’s be real… you think you’re only going to spend 10 mins to find a yummy cocktail recipe to wow your girlfriends this weekend for girls night in, but you look at the time and some how an hour has already passed by, you’re looking at dream wedding dresses, and just created a “dream wedding” board.]
  2. Get Inspired
    When I’m not sure of what to wear for the day or to a girls night out, I love surfing through Pinterest to get inspiration. Pinterest is what drives the DIY Kings and Queens of the world!
  3. A Bookmark
    “Oh, I remember that mouth-watering recipe on Pinterest!”
    Cooking and DIY projects are one of the most common uses for Pinterest.
  4. Connect with others
    Sharing, Pinning, and liking is all part of the Pinterest culture. Just as how people recognize Youtubers, people recognize Pinners.
  5. Small Businesses
    Small retail businesses use Pinterest to promote their products. The more exposure and attention each pin gets the more traffic their website will receive.

How to utilize Pinterest to its full potential for yourself or your business

When pinning there are five important things to remember…

  1. Establish what your Pinterest page is going to bring to the table. Ask your self, why do people want to follow me? You need to provide your followers consistency, creativity, and cool shit. (This doesn’t mean you need to only provide original content. Re-pinning is awesome too!)
  2. Post good content. Nobody wants to re-pin a low quality, unappealing, crappy photo.
  3. Provide a good amount of detail in the description in what you want to get across to your audience.
    eg. A picture of your family recipe of an amazing onion salad dressing. List out the ingredients and recipe on how to make the dressing in a quick and easy-to-read format.
  4. Link the pin to a blog post (if you have a blog), your site or a site. This will help provide your audience with more information if they’re interested. This will also bring more traffic to your website.
  5. Follow other accounts. It’s a thing in the social media world “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”. However, what helps the most is to follow group accounts, you’ll get the attention from not just one individual but a whole group!


If you have any tips, tricks, and great advice feel free to comment down below. I would love to hear your thoughts!

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