Event Prep

A lot of times people ask me how the heck I have time to manage 7 social media accounts, work a full-time job and attend events. Tbh, sometimes idk how I function with close to no downtime. But, nonetheless, I make each event I attend worth my while.

Attending events is crucial to my career (for anyone in PR tbh #realtalk) for not only networking but learning purposes. Often times after an event I feel rejuvenated and refreshed; usually from a shift in mindset, learning something new, or a good kick in the butt kind of reminder of some sort.


Sometimes we forget that behind each event no matter if it’s for 1000 people or 5 people, at least one person that’s planning the event has stressed the fuck out trying to put it together. For the same reason you’re excited and wanting to attend a certain event is the same reason people plan them. So be prepared before you attend an event and make sure you’ve got the right mindset going in to absorb everything they can offer. Let’s be honest event tickets aren’t cheap.

How to choose the perfect event for you:

Once you find an event, be sure to read the description, location, and check out their Facebook + Instagram page to see what they’re all about. The platforms I like using to find cool events are: Eventbrite, Brainstation, and when I’m really curious about a certain topic I use good old Google ;).

 You are here already so go say ‘hi’ for god sakes. 


Here are a few tips in preparing yourself before + during an event:

1. Set a goal

After reading the description of the event figure out what is it you want to take away from this particular event. (Even if it’s meeting 2 new people)

2. Don’t forget your business card!

3. Go alone

I know, I know. Going to events by yourself can be scary af. But it’s also a great way to make new friends and get out of your comfort zone a little. I’ve learned that when I attend an event alone I tend to be more social and it encourages me to talk/network with others. When you go with a friend, especially a friend that’s not on the same wavelength in networking as you … somehow both of you become closed off to everyone at the event, and act like you are joined at the hip and if separated one of you will die.

4. Put your damn phone away.

I’m definitely one of those people who immediately forgets what to do with their hands the minute they’re not occupied and automatically reach for my phone. It’s definitely a bad habit, but once you catch yourself and put a stop to it you might actually catch yourself making eye contact with someone else. God forbid next thing you know you’re having a full on conversation about your nails and the best Korean bulgogi burrito you had last night to the girl standing next to you.

5. Always bring a notepad

Jot down things you’re learning, because guarantee the next day you’ll forget half the things you learned at an event you paid good money for.

6. Stay a while, why don’t chu

Stay for a bit and don’t be afraid to talk to the speakers and exchange Instagram handles with people you’ve just met!


I hope that helps and here are some of the events I am digging right meow!

Project You
Vancity Business Babes
Brainstation YVR

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