Claim time for yourself.

You need you time.

Everyone needs to set time aside for themselves, not matter how busy your day, week or month is. The importance of having down time for yourself comes down to being one with your

+  S P I R I T

Take + Claim time for yourself with no distractions, obligations, and wandering thoughts. Take time to listen to your body and give your temple a break. Sometimes it’s as simple as taking three deep breathes.


It can be anything from a five minute meditation break to a full on 2 hours of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The most important thing is understanding what your mind, body, and spirit need.

After leaving my 9-5 job I told myself although I get to sleep in a little longer I need to take advantage of my mornings. I needed to be more aware of what my body needed now that I have the freedom to plan out my days to what I feel best fits my needs.

FullSizeRender 12
Every morning I start off my day by either going to the gym, a barre class, a cardio kickboxing class, or even stretching my body for 5 mins (we all have those days where we don’t wanna do shit). Anything that’s going to wake up my mind and body up in a active way. Through out my day I try to incorporate at least one of the following practises below to get in tune with my body and take a moment to myself.


3   E A S Y   P R A C T I S E S  during the day to help you get in tune with yo spirit and simply listening to what your body needs cause you don’t want to over work that shit.


T H A N K   Y O U

every morning when I wake up I say thank you. Thanking the fact that I didn’t die in my sleep and giving myself a few minutes of appreciation for life before I pick up my phone and plug my brain into the social media world.


F I V E   M I N U T E S

five minutes is all you need sometimes and by all means take more if that’s what your body is telling you. Take off your glasses and let your hair down. Take 2 deep breathes and stare out a window to as far as you can, this helps relax your mind and gives your eyes a breather.



a lot of people don’t know how to meditate. I certainly didn’t at first, but I knew I needed to learn because I heard all great entrepreneurs did it. I’m not saying turn yourself into Deepak Chopra over night, but just take even 5-10 minutes to be alone with your thoughts and try to clear your mind. Oh and put your phone two rooms away from you and put it on silent (I know you don’t want to but just do it).

Where you meditate is up to you. As for me I meditate best when I’m taking a hot bath (no joke), because my hands are wet so I can’t use my phone, my body is fully relaxed, and its not like I can be distracted by another task while I’m in the bath tub.

FullSizeRender 11

*Meditation for noobs
– Put your phone away and on silent
– Turn on a mediation track on youtube
– Close your eyes and focus on your breathing
– Clear your mind and focus on the breath and how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation

Another great/fun way to get into mediation is joining a meditation class. If you’re in the Metro Vancouver area you should definitely check out Moment Meditation. They have classes and also great events to teach you how to meditate, so grab a friend and give them a try!


Feel free to share with me your practises to keep yourself grounded and in tune with your body, I love hearing from readers!



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