Sweet Cabo

My getaway to Cabo was short and sweet. I knew I wanted to go somewhere hot and not too far so it was either Mexico or Hawaii, but Hawaii would have cost me an arm and a leg so Mexico it was. I looked at a couple resorts and contemplated if I should book online on my own or through an travel agency. I ended up booking my trip at Flight Centre in Richmond Centre with Lance. I had a bunch of Christmas gift cards to the mall so I used those towards my trip. Flight Centre also price matches deals you find online. After going on this trip I am 100% happy that I booked through the travel agency, and I will tell you just why.

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Why booking through a travel agency made my life a heck a lot easier
– My trip was quite last minute and Lance made it stress-free.
– I went in to check prices with Lance and when the price’s dropped or raised he email me right away. I didn’t need to follow up and continuously keep checking myself.
– There was a transfer shuttle provided to and from the hotel. (Not sure if this was because it was an all inclusive stay but if I booked the trip myself then it would have cost $60-80 USD each way to and from the airport)
– Funny enough you would think it costs more to book through the agency but it was actually cheaper! (OBV this is a case by case bases lol)

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The top 3 hotels that I considered
1. Breathless ($$$)
2. Secrets ($$$)
3. The Cape a Thompson Hotel ($$$$)

Breathless and Secrets is owned by the same group and both had the option for all-inclusive. Just that Secrets isn’t as close to downtown and has a more romantic feel (a lot of people get married there). The Cape hotel was a little more expensive and is super luxurious! I ended up choosing Breathless because it was right next to the marina (Downtown Cabo) and had both a view of the ocean and the city. Breathless is an adult only resort and had a very boutique vibe to it as it wasn’t massive. This resort catered to individuals who wanted a relaxing stay but also a little party vibe too. The resort has two buildings, one with the city view and was a little more quite, and the other building had a view of the ocean and gave me a beachy vegas vibe. The walk to downtown from the resort was only 5 minutes so we didn’t have to take a taxi.

Cabo is a very touristy destination and therefore everything has a tourist price tag on it. I would definitely spend a little more on my resort/stay as the food and overall stay would be more enjoyable. Breathless is considered a more high-end resort but the price isn’t through the roof and the food selection was really good. I mean Ben enjoyed the food and didn’t complain haha that says something! Me and Ben didn’t do any excursions since we wanted to relax and our stay was short. We spent a lot of time in our resort using the pools, eating and drinking non-stop LOL, and soaking up the sun!


We brought $500 CAD worth of money and exchanged it for both Pesos and USD. We ended up only spending about $400 of it and $200 went to purchasing alcohol to bring back home. Although it says when you book your all-inclusive resort that gratuity is included we still tipped. Every time we were served (drinks, dinner, luggage, room service, transportation, etc) we gave about 50 Pesos – 100 Pesos and if the service was awesome we gave 200 Pesos. 50 Pesos is about $3.00 and to us it may be nothing but to the it goes a long way, and you get better service the next coming days… especially by the pool when you want those margaritas to keep coming.

We didn’t do any but the ones I did have in mind were ATV riding and swimming with whale sharks. You don’t need to book any excursions ahead of time other than swimming with whale sharks. At our resort they also offered us discounts on excursions so no need to book those in advance. If you go downtown you’ll get asked a million times if you wanna go on an excursions so don’t worry about not being able to go on one LOL.

Cost: $1400/ person
Duration of stay: 5 Days
Favourite restaurants: TACOS and BEERS!! (Outside the resort)

They just sell tacos and beers, but what else do you need LOL. They are right on the marina and is an outdoor resto. When there is an old Mexican lady that hand makes the corn tortillas right in front of yo face, you know that shit is gonna be good. The RIBS taco is my absolute faveee, and they cost $2 USD each. Oh, and don’t forget to get a Horchata too hehe.

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I am sure there are a bunch of other local joints for tacos that are amazing too so walk around and ask your hotel.

We mainly stayed in our hotel for food as it was an all-inclusive and the food was actually really good lol. Our hotel had 6 restaurants that varied from Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean, Mexican, and American.

I would highly recommend the Breathless Resort if you’re planning to visit Cabo! Oh and my drink of the trip was a Mango Guava Margarita!!

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