Lash it out

As one of my bosses once said, “I am high maintenance to stay low maintenance”, which if you think about it makes total sense!

I am the exact same way. I get my hair and laser hair removal done every 2 months, my nails get done every 2 weeks, and I use to get my lashes done every 3 weeks.


It’s actually extremely sad that I can’t get my lashes done anymore. Legit I would give anything to be able to get them done again, I don’t even care if it costs me an arm and a leg!! I have tried hypoallergenic glue, taking a benedryl before and after my appointment too and nothing works.

I use to get my lashes done all the time for an about a year and one day I went to hot yoga, and all hell broke loose on my eyes. I know what you’re thinking girllll, “Why the fuck did you go to hot yoga after getting your lashes done?!”. Well to answer you… I always took a hot shower after my lashes and nothing ever happened UNTIL this ONE time. Anyways I was stupid and now I can’t get them done LOL. After that time every time I get my lashes done I get a really bad allergic reaction for 3 days straight all around my eyes. It’s gross.

Enough of that, I want to share with you my new found lash love that won’t break the bank! I recently reached out to Dollar Lash Club for lashes to give them a try because I haven’t had a good pair that didn’t cost a fortune that I loved yet. I was also surprised that their lashes were only $1. YES BISH I said $1.

Dollar Lash Club has luxury Mink lashes and is a subscription based company. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time. I currently swear by these lashes and probably wouldn’t recommend any other ones lol. The lashes are high quality and have a flexile lash band to help bend to your eye shape.

If you want to check them out click on the link below:

The one’s I am currently wearing below are “Robyn” and they cost $1!


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