Soy Candles FTW

Peach Bellini.
Black tie.
Japanese Cherry Blossom.
Sweet pea.
Vanilla Bean Noel.

What does all that shit have in common? No, not that they’re all from Bath and Body Works! They are all made with paraffin wax.

Gurl before I understood how bad cheap paraffin wax candles are for you… I was always stocking up at Bath & Body Works for their seasonal scents. If you know me now I am a huge soy candle lover after I discovered how much better they are and not to mention how much longer they burn!

You’re buying a candle not just for the scent but for how LONG and STRONG it’s going to last (lol that sounded like something really dirty).

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How do you know if the candle is made with Paraffin Wax?

  • Press down gently on the candle and if there is no give and it is stiff then it’s most likely paraffin.
  • After you’ve burned the candle you’ll see this black ring in the candles. That is because it doesn’t burn evenly and just burns straight down (therefore, wasting the candle).

Why are soy candles better?

  • Soy wax candles generally burn longer than paraffin candles.
  • Soy wax is derived from natural vegetables while paraffin is a refined gasoline by-product.
  • Soy wax is 100% biodegradable while paraffin was is not.
  • Soy wax spills clean up simply with soap and water while paraffin wax spills are very time consuming and extremely difficult to completely clean up if at all.
  • Soy wax releases fragrance easier than paraffin candles.

My personal favourite thing about Soy Candles is that they burn consistently. Therefore, when you blow them out they harden at the same level and you don’t get any dips in the candle.

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Fave Soy Candles atm:
Voluspa Candles
Sold at: Nordstrom, The Cross, and Anthropology

French Seventy Six

Coal and Canary
The Baguette one smells so good!
Sold at: Lion and Sun

Let me know what other Soy Candle brands + scents you love!

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