Vancouver eats.

I eat a lot. Like a lot. If you’ve ever watched my snap chat or instagram stories it will ALWAYS consist of some sort of food. Whether my bf cooked it or I’m out eating my face off. I live for the next meal haha. If you’re wondering what I’ve had for the past few months you can check my instagram highlighted ‘SNACKS’ story!


I thought I would put together a list of restaurants and things I like from each restaurant for you guys. I travel so much and eat so much so I want to start a City + Food series. It won’t be a billion blog posts but something simple enough that if you’re heading to

eg. Hong Kong or Barcelona you can click on my personal list.


Everything that I have listed below are just my opinions and a lot of places I’ve eaten at might not be on the list cuz I didn’t want to list out every damn restaurant in Vancouver LOL. If you want to know about a particular restaurant in Vancouver feel free to message me and I’ll let you know whatsup!
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My go-to restaurants for the past 2/3 months in Metro Vancouver:



Snowy Village – Mango Bingsoo with a side of strawberries.
Passion 8 – Matcha Bingsoo!
Cacao 70 – I love the chocolate marshmallow pizza’s but they have horrible service lol
Milkcow – Looked like 720 Sweets. There was tons of cotton candy.. which I am not a big fan of.
Le Glace – too $$ for my liking and very heavy.

Pure Bread – Banana Brownie!! (Super sweet tho)


Nemisis – Best cappuccino I have ever had.
Olive + Ruby – They need a bigger space so I don’t have to race to get to those swinging chairs!
Revolver – Lots of room I like it!
Agro – nothing special
Pallet – Their avo toast is so good!
Prado – Avo toast is good! Tons of room during the day to do work.
Aer Café – Small. Their mini cakes tasted really yummy
Dalina – Super nice for photos and they have really good Mochas/Hot Chocolates!

Matchstick – Main st. location is great for late studying


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Tried and loved:

Phnom Penh – You know the usual faves – Luk luk rice, butter beef x2, small order of wings, fish and pineapple soup, + oyster pancake.
Linh Cafe – Spot prawns, chicken liver, pho with a poached egg, foie, braised short ribs, … dude I could go on this place is the best!!
Victor – Beef Tartar, Foie, Steaks. DNG: Mac & Cheese Waffles. As good as they sound, they’re horrible.
L’abattoir – Oysters, octopus, Steak Diane.
Blacktail – no longer exists but they had the BEST foie waffles.
Torafuku – love most of their menu.
Savio Volpe – tripe, vege dip, .. like everything lol.
Tuc Craft – scotish egg.
Botanist dining – vege ragu.
Annalenna – foie oysters + mussels.
Ciopinnos – Truffle pasta, all their mains are cooked to perfection.
Minami/Miku – obv to the Saba and Salmon Oshi.
Nightingale – Pork belly + brussel sprouts.
Bao Down – Olympic Village – Raw Clams.
Octopus Garden – Uni shooter + all nigiri.
Fat Mao – Roti + Salads.
Hawksworth – everything, especially the service!
Ulis – Oyster rockefeller, duck, chorizo pasta.
Raisu – tonkatsu, all their noodle soup dishes.
Giordinos – all pastas.
Banh Mi Tres Bon – Beef pho with the bone marrow, tapioca dumplings, jambon banh mi.
Tacofino – E.hastings & Nanaimo – Tuna taco.
Virtuous pie – Ultra Violet!!
Heritage Eatery – Udon and dumplings
Temaki Sushi – Ocotopus tempura, snapper tempura, ALL nigiri. Closed on Sundays.
Mr. Red Cafe – Pho is good, tapioca dumplings are my fave.
Ask for Luigi – Really yummy pastas! While you’re waiting for a table, walk to Belgard Kitchen and grab a drink first then head back when they text you!
Oakwood – lamb shank!!
Keefer bar – All drinks are good and the music is always on point!

Chau Veggie Express – #8 Rice fields bowl + Fresh Signature Coconut Shake.




Tried and disliked:

Kissa Tanto – Willing to give it another try but I ordered the fish there and the sauce was lacking and I ordered a tuna dish thinking it was going to be RAW and it came cooked.. so I felt like I was eating baby food.
Bao Bei – Over priced asian food.
Sai Woo – Nothing on their menu ever wow’s me.
House Special – I got the XLB there, they steamed in onto a metal spoon so when I tried to eat it, it got stuck to the spoon and was dry inside. Food was meh, I rather go to Phnom Penh.
Bauhaus – Over priced.
Mister – Over priced.
Icy Bar – I like snowy village better because its actual icy milk.
Juke Chicken – I like Churches better. Their corn was good but I think they’re trying to replicate the corn from La Carnita’s from Toronto but didn’t quite Ace it.
Q Shi Q – Rather pay to go to Zakkushi or Guu
Belgard Kitchen – Yummy beer, food meh. (I only come here when I’m waiting for a table at ‘Ask for Luigi’s’)

Juniper – Nothing special.. I mean if I was craving a gin drink then yeah.

Want to try: 

Hy’s Steakhouse
Fable Farmer’s Apprentice
Bufala Pizzeria
Via Tevere
Amays House
Honey salt
La Quecia
Odd fish
Shanti’s Curries
The hook
Bayside lounge
Mak N Ming
Poke Guy
Danbo Ramen
LA Chicken
Captain’s Boil
Hatzu Bistro
Jambo cafe
If you’ve tried any of the restaurants that I “want to try” pleaseee leave a comment below of your opinion on that restaurant! Let me know what are your favourite restaurants in Vancouver!


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  1. DGGYST says:

    Vancouver is on my bucket list and if everything goes according to plan I will be visiting in late summer! I am going to bookmark this page! thank you! ( Also, you are stunningly gorgeous, but I am not just here for your face, I am here for you mind!…..which is attached to your face. )

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