Organize your life.

No matter if you’re a part-time freelancer or a full-time one you need tools and apps that are going to help you stay organized. I’m the type of person that can remember a million things off the top of my head but these apps definitely help. I have shared my top favourite time tracking, task management, invoicing, accounting, and contract apps below and why I love them! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention they’re all FREE!


Time Tracking – This is key for any freelancer. By using an app that can track and separate all the time you’ve tracked for each client makes it a whole lot easier when it comes time to invoice. I invoice down to the minute! (Time is money people)


  • Can be used on Desktop and Mobile app
  • You are able to see full reports for each client and colour code them too!
  • You can manually put in the time or start the timer as you go.


Task Management – If you’re a list type of person this app is defs going to satisfy that feeling of crossing something out/checking something off.


  • Can be used on Desktop and Mobile app
  • You are able to assign tasks to other people within your team
  • You can Add notes and due dates for each task
  • It will send you a notification or email prompt if you have overdue tasks
  • If you want to be SUPER organized you can connect this app to your google calendar! (That’s too intense for me lol)


Invoicing + Accounting – You’re going to regret not using an app for this by the time tax season comes along. This app saved my life and makes it so easy to invoice and keep track of all my earnings.


  • Can be used on Desktop and Mobile app
  • You are able to send the invoice through the app from the email connected with the account
  • You can see a full report of all your earnings and how much money you’ve spent (you can even put your bills in there too!)


Contracts – Always have a signed contract agreement before starting any work. It is always best to be better safe than sorry.


  • Can be used on Desktop and Mobile app
  • Digital contract
  • You are able to send the contract to your client right from the app
  • You can create templates for each specified project

My apps are my life saver so please let me know what kind of apps you use to organize your business!

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