Stuck in Kaohsiung?

2/3 Travel blog is upppp! I hope you all enjoyed my last blog post about my trip to Korea. If you’re interested in visiting Taiwan… specifically Kaohsiung then read on.

Kaohsiung – You might be asking me why the heck I went to Kaohsiung and not Taipei. I ask myself that too but the only reason was because our YVR Deal wouldn’t let us break the trip. However, it wasn’t all that bad to be honest because we got to visit Kenting!


Cost: $450 CAD Spending Money | $700 CAD Airbnb (between 3 people ish lol chels left half way through)
Duration of stay: 7 Days
Favourite restaurants: I didn’t have any specific favourite restaurants but see below for the MUST TRY foods!

What I loved about Taiwan
– Cheap food.

Food you have to try in Taiwan
– Gua Bao! (We don’t have anything even close to this in Vancouver)
– Beef Noodle duh. (Try this place: Gang Yuen Beef Noodle House)
– All the food at the Night Markets
– Fresh sugar cane juice

Where did I stay – The Tree House
Kaohsiung is so small that all the hotels are pretty close to the central area. Our hotel was nice and clean and the concierge spoke english well too. We stayed here during our first part of Kaohsiung and then the second time around after we came back from Kenting. This hotel was a 5 minute walking distance to a night market. Thank GOD they had uber there because it was hot and we didn’t really want to walk haha (or I didn’t..). The price of Uber was max like $6.

No need to tip! Most countries in Asia do not have a tip option.

Site seeing and things to do
There is only 3 things to do in Kaohsiung… Cijin Island, visit Kenting and eat.


Cijin Island
This island is only a 15 minute ferry ride (legit the shortest ferry ride of yo life). We rented electric bikes and went around the whole island. You can also ride along the beach and see all the beautiful art people create.


Night Markets
In Kaohsiung there were two specific night markets that I visited that I really enjoyed.
Liuhe – Very close to my hotel and had all the basics
Rueifong – More unique things to eat and was a lot more packed and bigger.


I loved Kenting! It was a small little beach town that had a night market right in front of my hotel. I mean what more could I ask for! I ate my face off every night at the night market that ran 3 blocks long! The seafood is super fresh in Kenting. During the daytime I went to the beach to tan and tried jet skiing for the first time.

Hotel in Kenting: Smokey Joe’s Hotel
One of the BEST hotels I have ever stayed in. The service, the food, the pool, the beds, the room snacks… everything was perfect. If I ever visit Kenting again I would definitely stay here again.


If I were to visit Taiwan again I would definitely go to Taipei, but I’m glad I got to see what Kaohsiung had to offer and I enjoyed Kenting.

If you want to know more about my Taiwan trip and see my videos then watch my story highlight – ‘TAIWAN‘ on my instagram page. Be sure to follow me to see where I am off to next! >> @NDREALYNN

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