Osoyoos vs. Penticton

Cruising over to the Okanagan is always a good idea when it comes to small getaways. Now the only question you have to ask yourself is, “Should I go to Penticton or Osoyoos? Which one is better?”. You’ve probably heard so many times from each of your friends on which place is better and why. It’s probably goes something like this: “In Penticton, you haveee to go on the channel with a beer in your hand!” and “Oh, you’re going to Osoyoos? OMG you have to go to Burrowing Owl for dinner!”. In this blog, I’m going to tell you which destination I think is better and why.



My best friends and I have a tradition where we go to Penticton in the summer every year. We obviously go down the channel with our floatys. We stay at the same hotel, the same floor to be exact because it’s on the same floor as the indoor pool that no one patrols and allows us to get drunk off wine and swim in the pool at midnight. We eat the same crappy Denny’s food after swimming for an hour. And repeat that cycle for another two days.

Penticton is a super cute little city. The beach is within walking distance of The Sandman Hotel and only minutes away from the channel.

Cost: $500 CAD Spending Money | $360 CAD Hotel
Duration of stay: 3 Days



Wine tour: Grape Friends – $75/Per Person before tip.
Ron is the absolute best. We do our wine tour with him every year, and we have a total blast. We zip through the tours quite fast, and we went through 7 wineries in total during our tour. You want to make sure you start the tour as early in the afternoon as possible because many wineries close at 6 pm.

Favourite Wineries + Wine
Three Sisters – Tempranillo
Mocojo – Merlot
Ruby Blues – Gewürztraminer

Penticton Tips:
– Do not pay for the coyote cruise back up from the channel if you have your own floaty. They will make you deflate it before getting onto the bus. It would be cheaper to get a taxi for you and your friends.
– Don’t eat at the Denny’s there. It’s total shit.




Having been to Penticton so often, I officially considered myself an Okanagan Veteran haha. We took everyone’s recommendations and ate dinner at Burrowing Owl which turned out to be a big ‘meh’, but Miradoro restaurant’s lamb dish has me dreaming about it to this day. Our beach resort had a beautiful outdoor facility for swimming and cooking.

Osoyoos is super cute too, but we found ourselves driving everywhere and keep in mind that there are only two taxis… YES, ONLY TWO in the entire little town.

Cost: $300 CAD Spending Money | $643 CAD Hotel
Duration of stay: 3 Days


Wine tour: Moxie Tours – $89/Person without tip
Steven and his partner Lisa we’re a pleasure to hang around. Lisa was our guide and brought us to so many cute wineries. They even have an option to do your wine tour on a motorcycle but it was only available for two people at a time, and we had a group of 4.

Favourite Wineries + Wine
Gehringer Brothers – Gewürztraminer-Schönburger
Here’s the ThingGorgeous
Harkers Organic  – Peach Cider



Overall I personally like Penticton more, and I think their wineries are a little better than the ones in Osoyoos. The price is also significantly lower for the hotel, and there is a little bit more to do in terms of enjoying the channel. Penticton gave me a laid-back, small-town feel that was perfect for my high school girlfriends and me.

Osoyoos had nicer high-end restaurants that made it feel a little more special but since we’re so fortunate in Vancouver to have delicious food right around every corner I felt like the food in Osoyoos was underwhelming (or perhaps my expectations were too high LOL). The wineries didn’t stand out to me, and I ended up only purchasing six bottles of wine, versus Penticton… 14 bottles of wine.

Anyways, it’s time to hibernate and drink all the wine I purchased and wait for next year’s grapes! Have you been to Penticton or Osoyoos before and what are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments down below!


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