First steps to branding.

Your brand is the most critical thing in your business. It’s not just about slapping on a name and a logo. Branding your business correctly will help you attract new customers, retain your customers and increase your profits. Your brand speaks volumes to what your values are and your vibe.

A long time ago when I didn’t even consider myself a brand… I came up with a name that at the time seemed cool as my social media name. That is how ‘Ndrealynn‘ was born. I knew how to pronounce it, no one had that username for anything on social media… it was perfect. Except it didn’t mean anything, it didn’t leave an impression on others, and some people couldn’t even pronounce it properly. A question I kept asking myself for the past year was, “It’s been so many years now, is it too late to create a new name?”, and the answer is NO! It’s never too late, especially if your values and direction for your brand have changed.

I have officially decided to rebrand my blog and personal brand as Vancouver PR Girl. I think it comes as no surprise since it’s a name that I’ve loved since I started PR and it’s a name I resonate with. But enough about me let’s get to the good stuff!

What is a  brand?

I like to tell my clients that a brand is any touch-points or visuals their company has, that the customer will/could interact with.

Glo Media Branding

How to come up with a brand name?

Trust me this doesn’t happen overnight (or it might be for some). It’s a whole creative process, and the best way that I have found to narrow down to a name and brand you love is to brain dump it all out. The creative process of brain dumping is what I learned in school that was used for every single creative design class. I’ve used this process over and over again whether it is for school projects or my own business and personal brand. If you’re stuck here is how I come up my brand:

Something to keep in mind:
You want your name to roll off the tongue, easy to remember, easy to PRONOUNCE.

Step 1: Grab a big sheet of paper + some colourful markers and pens
Step 2: Answer these questions on the sheet of paper. Doesn’t matter the order or where you put your answer. Just dump the answers onto the paper.

What do you value? And why.
What is a phrase you live by? Your mantra?
What do you love? And why. (could be an animal, a hobby, anything)
What is your favourite colour?
What are your favourite words?
Top 5 words that describe you?
Now expand those five words to find out what they each mean.
What are your services? What is your product? (you can even draw if you want)
What brands do you admire and why? (Is it the colour? The vibe? the fonts they use?)

*Remember: You are BRAIN DUMPING. Dump all that shit onto the paper. Trust me it will look like a mess as it should be.

Step 3: Use a coloured marker you haven’t used yet and circle the words, drawings, phrases, etc. that jump out at you!
Step 4: Narrow down. Start looking up the meanings of everything you circled, and you feel attached to. Pinterest is also a good next step to get inspiration for the design.

Hopefully, after this hour process, you can have some sense of what you want your brand name to be and perhaps a slogan, colour theme, and a draft design of your logo.

Vancouver PR Girl Branding

House Keeping
Once you have an idea of the brand name you want, then you need to save and create social platforms with that name.

  • Social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.
  • Create a cute hashtag to go with your brand! Eg. Glo Media is #ShowYourGlo
  • Website domain availability: Check if the domain name you want is available.
    *.CO is the new .COM if they don’t have a .com available.
  • If you plan on registering your business in BC, you need to apply for a business name. This may take up to 2-3 weeks.

Let me know if my process and tips helped with developing your brand. I am always learning, so if you have any tips feel free to comment them down below!

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