Short Getaways & Packing Tips

It’s been a while since I wrote a travel blog. Funny enough I still haven’t done a blog about my last Indonesia & Singapore trip. But, here’s something short and sweet for those of you that love a good short getaway!

Since leaving my 9-5 I have travelled about 5-7 times a year #blessed and sometimes the trips are planned a year in advance thanks to YVR Deals, and sometimes they’re spontaneous (those are the most fun sometimes). But the thing I dread the most when it comes to travelling is packing! I’m always such a last minute packer because I need to try on all my outfits, find out where we will be going on the trip to decide what I want to wear and bring on the trip.

So I’ll give you a few of my favourite packing tips & tricks before I start blabbing on about my favourite wine & food pairings.

Packing for a short getaway Monos travel Andrea ng

Packing for a short getaway

1. Photo Ready Outfits
I know for sure you’re going to want to snap a few pics during your trip. Otherwise… it’s like you never went if it’s not on the gram! lol… jk. I always look up the location tag of where I am going to see what other people have done (local restaurants, coffee shops, etc) and see what other people have worn and what the vibe is for that particular city.

By planning out my outfits, this helps me cut down on bringing non-sense clothes… aka clothes that I might wear but I know I probably won’t wear.

Monos Travel Blue Haze

2. Staying Organized
It’s easy to stay organized when packing if you have packing cubes, but if you don’t, it’s okay. Find a luggage that suits your needs and had compartments within the suitcase for you to organize your clothes, accessories, laptop, etc.

On my most recent travels, I brought my Monos Carry-on Plus. This suitcase comes with two re-usable bags to help organize small items (perfect for your dirty clothes), and has two compartments in the suitcase that is perfect for your laptop and toiletries.

*Monos Suitcases are currently on sale and come in so many cute colours (mine is in Blue Haze) – find your perfect suitcase here.

3. Limit Your Shoes.
Shoes take up the most room and I know you want to bring 10 different pairs of shoes, but we all know you only need two pairs (if anything three). I always pack a pair of runners and bootys. You can never go wrong with a comfortable pair of sneakers and booties are a great option for going out for a casual dinner or dressing up for a night out.

A good tip I learned was to always stuff my socks and other small things into my runners to save room.


Let’s get to the wines!

This was my third year visiting Penticton so I pretty much already knew which wineries I wanted to visit and which wines I wanted to purchase. But since I shared my favourite wines & wineries in my last Okanagan blog post, I thought I would share with you the perfect food pairings for my favourite types of wines!

I asked my fiancé Ben what are the perfect food pairings so for sure these are right lol.


My first stop was to Three Sister’s Winery and this time I bought two bottles of their Tempranillo.

Tempranillo pairs perfectly with a Lamb dish or with anything with Asian Spices.

Next up was Mocojo’s Merlot

Merlot pairs perfectly with braised meats like beef or a nice steak.

For all those of you who love a crisp white wine you have to get yourself a bottle of Ruby Blue’s Gewürztraminer.

Gewürztraminer pairs great with asian spices and thanksgiving spice foods (star anise, cloves, and cinnamon).

Last but not least a bottle of Syrah from Lang’s is nothing short of amazing.

Syrah pairs perfectly with duck or spicy food.

Penticton wineries

I hope you found this blog post helpful and as you can tell we kinda like asian spice inspired foods with our wines. Let me know what your favourite wines are and what you like to pair them with!

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