Not Rich – Just a Crazy Asian

I love everything about Singapore – especially the food. It was like an upscale and cleaner version of Hong Kong and New York combined? If that makes any sense lol.

I was in Singapore for five days, and every day I was full haha. From the Whiskey Infused Xiao Long Bao to the $3 bowl of Lor Mee, I died and went to foodie heaven! What I fell in love with the most wasn’t just the taste of the food but how multicultural and diverse this country was. It satisfied my cheap-ass side and my boujee ass side too.

Not only was my stomach full, but so was my heart.



After we left Bali, we headed straight to Singapore. To my understanding, I had booked this trip for Ben and me to explore Singapore for three days and then fly to Tokyo for 14 hours. But, when we were in Bali, Ben couldn’t hold it in and spilt the secret he had been holding in for the past month! He extended our trip – 2 more days in Singapore and two more amazing days in Tokyo!

I had booked a reasonable hotel for us – nothing super fancy or anything… and he surprised me with a stay at Marina Bay Sands!

Now, when booking a hotel in Singapore keep in mind that the more $$ it cost does not mean its better. Singapore is sooo clean, and even the more affordably priced hotels are/will still be five stars in your eyes.

Make time to shop at the airport when you’re leaving. The airport Changi Mall is a destination in itself haha.

Keep reading to find out my thoughts on THE Marina Bay Sands!


Flights: I can’t remember what flight I took from Bali to Singapore. 
Cost: $1000 CAD Spending Money
Hotel: Oasia Hotel Novena – $641
Duration of stay: 5 Days and 4 Nights

Tipping: Anywhere from 15-18% – Keep in mind this is just me.

How did I get around?

Grab – Singapore’s equivalent to Uber





There was food everywhere! My favourite spots were hands down the cheap eats at Hawker Markets. My two favourite things were the Chili Crab (not even spicy) and Lor Mee. See my full list of Must Eat at restaurants below.


Hawker Stands to check out:
Tip: Bring tissue and have a person reserve a table first

Lao Pa Sat – They open till late
Maxwell Food Centre – this is where you’ll find the Michelin Star stall ‘Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice’
Tiong Bahru – My favourite Lor Mee noodles!
Newton Food Centre – Had such a fantastic food selection. Perfect spot for dinner
Tekka Centre – Delicious authentic Indian & Chinese food

Tip: If possible, make resos. Speakeasies are super small and are super packed on the weekends!

Manhattan Bar – a speakeasy in a hotel. Super posh and boujee!
Tiger Sugar – it’s supposed to open in Vancouver soon, but this was hands down the BEST brown sugar milk tea I’ve ever had!
The Horse’s Mouth – Cute Japanese Speakeasy – the decor is beautiful. You can also book an Omakase dinner here too.
28 Hong Kong Street – Super cool/small speakeasy. Be sure to make a reservation!


Restaurants (some of these places are quite pricey keep in mind)
Tip: Make a reservation

Jiu Zhuang – known for their Single Malt infused Xiao Long Bao
Long Beach Seafood – Had the best Chili Crab!!! You also have to order Man Tao (asian style buns) to dip the crab sauce.
Song Fa Bak Kut Teh – I love Bak Kut Teh and this place also offers bottomless soup!
Victor’s Kitchen – Best Pineapple Cha Siu Bao (Pork Bun) I’ve ever had! Their dim sum is super cheap too. Must order: Pork Bun, XO Turnip Cake and Spare Ribs



Instagramable Spots in Singapore

Koon Seng Road – Colourful houses
Police Station – The windows are all different colours.
Gardens by the Bay – Be sure to bring your passport to get a discount

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Marina Bay Sands

Was it worth it?
Yes and No. But let’s break it down so you’ll get a better understanding of why I say that. The hotel has its own mall as well, so if you book a stay at MBS you would definitely need to set aside a whole day to really enjoy everything.

The Room
Ben booked the Deluxe Suites for us at $550/night. Those rooms usually go for around $1000-$1200 a night. The room was outdated and did not have a rain shower – it was basic even though we got the more expensive rooms.

Amazing service! Everyone was super polite – from the front desk staff to the restaurant staff.

The Infinity Pool
The view is incredible and breathtaking. No complaints here. I’m happy that there was an adults-only side.

The Mall
If you’re into Designer labels, then this is the go-to place! Every designer you could imagine is in this mall, and they have such a big selection too.


They have so many celebrity chef restaurants from across the globe and even a food court for cheaper eats in the mall. Ben knew exactly where he wanted to eat based on the chef and youtube videos he’s watched, so that was perfect. Each night the hotel has different guest perks going on. For example, at Club 55 on Tuesdays, they offer BOGO on their food & alcohol pairings. Here are the ones I went to:

Adrift by David Myers – Suckling Pig Udon is must a must eat
Din Tai Fung – You already know
Club 55 – Finished the night off with some wine & snacks

I would say it was worth it, but at the same time no because the hotel room was so outdated and basic. We were lucky that we got the room at a lower price but we wouldn’t have been willing to pay $1k+.



Let me know in the comments below about your experience in Singapore and if I missed any MUST SEE/MUST EATS! I am definitely looking forward to going back to soon!

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