Top AliExpress Purchases

I shop on AliExpress for dupes and affordable items quite often and love reviewing them on my Instagam page. I try my best to do lots of research and compare similar products sold on the platform as well before I make my purchase decision. Here are my top AliExpress Purchases that I highly recommend that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

  1. Aluminum Laptop Stand
    Bought this in October 2019 and it’s still in great condition and I use it everyday.

  2. Phone Gimbal
    I’ve wanted a gimbal to help me stabilize my iPhone videos and the ones on the market were quite pricey. I’ve owned this since October 2019 and it’s been awesome.

  3. Black Long Sleeve Bodysuit
    Oh man, this bodysuit is amazing and I couldn’t stop raving about it on Instagram. (50 people instantly bought it!) The quality is comparable to Aritzia. I purchased both the Black & White but the white colour is not opaque enough for me, but the black is perfect!

  4. Simple Small Gold Hoops
    I’ve been wearing these hoops everyday for two months and the gold has not worn off. I’ve even put them through my sonic jewelry cleaning machine and nothing wore off.

  5. Electric Drying Brush
    I use this item almost 2 times a week to help smoothen my hair when it’s half dry. I purchased it in October 2019 and it’s still going strong. (Make sure you remove the hair from time to time) I pair this product with Kerastase Heat Protectant for best results.
    Heat protectant –

  6. Makeup Case
    This item has stayed in shape and is still in perfect condition (minus the makeup stains) since I purchased it in October 2019. Perfect for traveling and organizing makeup. I bought the large size.

  7. Muscle Massage Gun
    We originally wanted to buy the Theragun for our muscles, but that retails for over $350 and we have so many stretching gadgets at home but never use them so I didn’t want to invest a lot into a muscle gun. This gets the job done is super sturdy and has 6 settings.

  8. Electric Nail Drill
    I wanted to do my own gel nails during covid so I purchased this nail drill and it’s made the remove process a lot easier because the nail filer takes ages. Works great! I bought the $11.50 option.

  9. Gold & Silver Jewelry
    If you’re looking for Mejuri dupes then check out these pieces. Great quality pieces & super cheap!

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Fall Skincare Routine with Scentuals

Raise your hand if your skin is flakey and dry right now. My skin care routine changes every season depending on the weather and how my skin is reacting. I have sensitive and combination skin but I constantly find myself leaning more on the dry side this fall.

Here are 3 of my favourite things to do during this Fall season to hydrate and pamper my skin.

  1. Bath
  2. Facial
  3. Meditation

To be honest you could do all three of these things at the same time lol. Before I get into the details I just want to mention that I love anything and everything lavender scented!

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Vancouver eats.

I eat a lot. Like a lot. If you’ve ever watched my snap chat or instagram stories it will ALWAYS consist of some sort of food. Whether my bf cooked it or I’m out eating my face off. I live for the next meal haha. If you’re wondering what I’ve had for the past few months you can check my instagram highlighted ‘SNACKS’ story!


I thought I would put together a list of restaurants and things I like from each restaurant for you guys. I travel so much and eat so much so I want to start a City + Food series. It won’t be a billion blog posts but something simple enough that if you’re heading to

eg. Hong Kong or Barcelona you can click on my personal list.


Everything that I have listed below are just my opinions and a lot of places I’ve eaten at might not be on the list cuz I didn’t want to list out every damn restaurant in Vancouver LOL. If you want to know about a particular restaurant in Vancouver feel free to message me and I’ll let you know whatsup!
FullSizeRender 7

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Soy Candles FTW

Peach Bellini.
Black tie.
Japanese Cherry Blossom.
Sweet pea.
Vanilla Bean Noel.

What does all that shit have in common? No, not that they’re all from Bath and Body Works! They are all made with paraffin wax.

Gurl before I understood how bad cheap paraffin wax candles are for you… I was always stocking up at Bath & Body Works for their seasonal scents. If you know me now I am a huge soy candle lover after I discovered how much better they are and not to mention how much longer they burn!

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Focused + Fabulous

As “5 Facts about me” have been circling Instagram like crazy and making me feel like I’m on a deeper level with everyone I follow (when I am clearly not) I thought about revamping this question.

So here are my answers to the questions I get the most about. My job. Cuz clearly no one cares about my life facts but more so my job facts haha.



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Becoming a Digital Nomad?

What is a Digital Nomad?
Living the Digital Nomad Lifestyle means relying on the internet to financially sustain a modern nomadic life. This relatively new trend allows you to become location independent and constantly move between cities as countries while working remotely.

This type of lifestyle has definitely crossed my mind more than once and was one of the very reasons why I decided to leave my 9-5 office job. The thought of travel excites me and so does my job, so why not combine the two?


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